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Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Monday, April 2

Mercury in Retrograde

I didn't realize Mercury was in Retrograde. 
And I didn't realize it lasted so long -- 3 weeks. This year it starts March 12 and ends April 4th. 
I don't think it has ever affected me quite like it did last week.  Or I never paid attention. 

Tuesday I faced the brunt of the problems -- and it wasn't like I could just lay down, watch movies all day and take a nap -- I had work that had to be completed for Friday Morning. Which I did, but not until blowing all the expensive lightbulbs for my studio lights, having my Flip freeze 5 times in the middle of taping, battery died in the other camera, my printer went to heaven and whatever else I can't remember -- oh -- add to that two projects re-dos -- one for first thing this morning. 

After a little break-down I pulled myself together and managed to get it all done. What a relief. I did throw my hands up Friday and decided to spend the day making art, running errands and took the day just for me. Oh, and enjoyed an amazing dinner with some great friends. 
I am so glad last week is over and today starts a new week. Well, actually if the entire week is like yesterday I think it will be a productive and amazing week as I have a great start to a new page and some other things in the works. 
This is the art journal page that took me all week to complete -- dedicated to Mercury in Retrograde. I did read that Mercury helps the creative process, so while my technological week was pretty crummy -- my creative week was AMAZING . 
I do plan on blogging more this week, so I am definitely starting this week out on a high note! How does Mercury being in Retrograde wreak havoc in your life -- or does it? Thank you for stopping by -- have a great day -- Thursday we're HOME free from that pesky planet! 

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  1. And Mars was retrograde also...until Aril will be all right...for awhile...LOL! LOVE the page :0


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