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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Tuesday, April 24

I am the Flower...

This page looked better done in pencil.  
The colors of the outside border just didn't work with the ferns. I changed the color 5 times until I ended up with this.
I tried a new product on this page. and I didn't like it at all.  back to the drawing board, next time -- NO gesso. No acrylic ground. Just a bare page and paint.
 The sealant didn't like the acrylic paint. The watercolor paint didn't like the acrylic paint or the sealant. the only thing that appeared to be truly happy was the india ink -- and me when I set it aside to dry, complete in color. In my heart, I am truly happy to be moving on from this page.
I am happy with myself -- because - well -- I finished it. it was hard -- not excruciating -- because I kept trying to see the potential. Kept feeling a little hope, a little confidence that it would become something, that I could bring it around the corner to a...well -- I can't exactly put my finger on the word -- but something. It is SOMETHING, but not what I had hoped it would be. It's not a failure -- because I learned quite a few things -- and I'm still going to do something cool with it -- but I had bigger plans for it. It looks pretty -- in person -- but I was looking for something different. I wanted a different kind of pretty.
It's a success in that I finished it. 

I have -- in the past -- started and NOT finished so many things because I didn't like them. They didn't work. the colors. the design. the product. they didn't work together - or individually for that matter, I got frustrated and abandoned it. I didn't even try to see the potential on those other projects and just left them. alone. unfinished. they never got the chance to be a failure -- because they aren't anything. they are probably in a land fill somewhere. I must not have been practicing hope at that time.

Remember, the flower had hope. I am the flower. :-) 

Have a lovely day -- thanks for stopping by.

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  1. You see this is good for me to see as I fairly new artist in the art journaling field. I'll be honest. I will finish the page...then write my ugly thoughts that no one can see, and then paint over it in black gesso :) Thank you for being real...and I think that fern thanks you for finishing it :) Blessings!


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