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Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Thursday, April 5

Patience is a Virtue

I love the way my art journal looks right now -- getting full -- full of beautiful art, inspiration and ideas. I feel, lately -- like I am on fire creatively. I know, I said that a few weeks ago -- but they are burning inside my head. 
Distracting me. Calling to me. Like my journal does. But I'm busy. Busy with good things, but busy -- and all I want to do is WORK on these ideas burning inside my head.
On a side note -- the dining room table has become my permanent art journaling station -- much to my husband's chagrin I think.   I'm ok with it because my studio is being used for other productions -- but having my paints, brushes and an open journal out and begging for attention every time I walk by doesn't help with the patience thing. Because these big ideas burning in my head -- all started BECAUSE of my journal.

I never had much of that patience thing anyway. And I'm ok with that -- sometimes.

I'm learning that patience -- or commitment -- or whatever it is -- is helping that fire inside my head. It's giving me the time to refine my plan. it's burning -- but not out of control.  I'm formulating, percolating, adjusting, designing, creating, drawing more great ideas. Big ideas. Well, maybe small for some - but definitely big for me.

Today, I'm tipping my cup to patience. What are you tipping your cup too? 


  1. LOVING what you're creating! Tipping my cup to Spring Break:)

  2. Hi Catherine, patience is definitely most of us do "battle" with from time to time. I love your art journal and since I teach journaling it is truly awesome to see how your creativity explodes.


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