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Tuesday, March 25

My River

My River, originally uploaded by CatherineScanlon.

This is what I am dreaming of today...this beautiful river meandering through my neighborhood and through my back yard. When I was in high school I would walk the 1/4 of a mile down the road from my Mother's house and sit on the edge of this bridge, sometimes I think I would sit there for hours - and think. Since this was in the country, it was very peaceful, and the road was {and still is} a quiet country road. A beautiful place. On hot summer days we would jump off the bridge and enjoy the cold water...the fact that it was really muddy never bothered us - AT ALL! Oh to be young and naive again!

I'd try to solve my problems, dream of the future and enjoy the beauty before me. On hot summer nights the neighborhood a group of teenagers {including myself} would walk down to the bridge and stare at the sky, enjoying the stars and the occasional star cruising across the horizon. We'd often play truth or dare, though I always opted for the truth because the dares were to scary for me! . Good times, GOOD times!

Anyway, today the sun was shining - it was a beautiful day. Not warm like the day I took this photo, that's for sure! Yes, there is still a thick layer of ice on the river, the sun - though warm - isn't hot enough to melt it away. Will it ever happen? Seems like not to me right now.

Today, I'm dreaming of my SUMMER river. And, I sure hope it warms up soon!


  1. How lovely it will be when Summer comes once more to your river

  2. Oh.. I wanna come sit with you , by your river!!! we could chat and chat and chat some more!

  3. what a beautiful picture cat! I wanna come for a visit :)

  4. I'll share some of my sunshine with you if you like.

  5. When I was young enough to not care, polio was still a danger, and waterholes were places of danger. Nice to know some things have changed!

  6. I want to be there with Vicki too. We could take some scrappy things with us and craft and dream the day away. Pure bliss!

  7. beautiful! lovely tree surroundings too! I can totally appreciate the beauty of a river.

  8. Beautiful post Catherine..very reflective -- like the water. I love being near bodies of water -- like you, it is my place to think, dream and feel at peace. Summer days, long, lazy summer days -- I anticipate them with you!


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