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Monday, March 24

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt, originally uploaded by CatherineScanlon.

On Sunday my Mom hosted a lovely Easter Egg Treasure hunt for my little Valentine and my niece and nephew. She did such a wonderful job with all the clues and all the places they had to look for clues! They ran around and around looking here and there for eggs, and drinks and even a huge bubble blower thing. It was a great time. Dinner was nice, though everyone else ate ham and I ate my vegan fair. I had made some black bean soup the night before and ate that and some other things that were on the table for dinner....and no dessert for me - it was cheese cake! THANKS Mom, he had a great time!


  1. Sounds like th ekids had fun! Your soup sounds wonderful! So glad you all had a good Easter :)

  2. what a cute idea! That looks like fun!

  3. I miss all that "fun" with younger children...sounds like you had a lovely Easter!

  4. Oh... could he be any sweeter!!! What a handsome guy he is becoming!


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