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Tuesday, March 11

A gift for a friend...

A gift for a friend... Originally uploaded by CatherineScanlon
I made this 6" x 6" chunky canvas for my good friend Shawn over at Bonorama Mama. We've been doing trades every now and again. It's a fun way to do something that's not for an assignment and just for fun. Our lovely friend Vic is going to play along next time I think...right Vic?

She received hers yesterday, and is quite happy with it I think. The airplane was a little plastic vintage thing that I painted and inked silver. I also used a Heidi Swapp Damask mask, some vintage wallpaper I bought a while ago from an Art Tea Life last year. I also love my vintage dictionary, don't you? So much fun - and so many words to choose from ;-) . One of the patterns of the wallpaper matches the damask mask from HS. I was lucky there.

In other news, the weather has been nice for the last two days, well yesterday and today actually. And I've got a sick boy on my hands. A ton of work to do this week too! I hope he's feeling up to going to school tomorrow!


  1. Oh Cat I love it so much!!!! It is gorgeous and I absolutely love that little airplane. :) It was very sweet of you. Yours is on it's way today! (along with some marshmallows!) Can't wait for our next swap this has been so much fun!

    Hope little V gets better soon!

  2. Great canvas! I Love how you split the area into quadrants. Very eye catching!

  3. Sorry you've got a sick boy on your hands -- hope he's feeling better soon!!

    I love that you guys swap back and forth -- it's a great way to make art, be creative and see what other's are doing.

    Don't you just love it when all the pieces for something seem to come together effortlessly?

  4. oh this is awesome- what an amazing gift!!!!

  5. Your friend will be so happy to get this wonderful gift. You really put yourself into this...
    Big Hugs, Mary

  6. This is so cool! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Wow - I love your piece! That airplane caught my eye right away. Very cool! :)


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