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Sunday, March 16

Bunny Love Card

Bunny Love Card, originally uploaded by CatherineScanlon.

My friend Vic ( put out a challenge the other day...and lucky me got to play along! The challenge was that she'd send an envelope of goodies to 10 (well it started out as 10 people and so many wanted to play that she increased it to 20) and we had to make a card using ONLY the items in the envelope. We could only add ink, paint and hopefully stitching - she didn't say no stitching so I assumed it would be ok... Anywho, this is my card though I didn't use everything - I had two brads and a pin left over....isn't it pretty! I gave it to my Mom so she could send it to her sister for Easter!

Also wanted to share these little ATC's I made for Heart in Hand's First Anniversary yesterday. I did a make and take and these were the cards I made as examples. Hope you had a great weekend...and go see Horton Hears a was funny!


  1. oh that is so cool - I lvoe what you did!!!! yummie! I got flat Stanley in the envie- LOL :-)

  2. I love what you did! I got the same one I better get on it! Love your atc's and the stitching!

  3. Looks like you had a busy and productive weekend -- love what you did with the challenge -- that's an excellent way to do a challenge!! The ATCs are gorgeous too...spring is coming -- I'm feeling my creative juices renew!!

  4. Oh Cat... totally love your little bunny card and the atc's ... LOVE them!

  5. Great card! I love the stitching and the paper trim! I haven't used my decorative scissors for ages! It looks fabulous!

  6. Love your card for Vicki's challenge!! - really like the 'pinked' edges and the stitching!!! Great ATC's too!! Tera


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