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Tuesday, March 18

Easter Goodies

I spent some time afternoon making some Easter cards, and an ATC for some special people in my life. It was nice to make them and think of my friends and family as I was making them, I hope you all smile when they come in the mail! Here are some of the others: The little chick planter is little (the bunny card is an ATC - 2 1/2 x 3 1/2) isn't it lovely! I got it for my Mom, but haven't given it to her yet, hope you're not reading this Mom, look away! :-) TTFN...been a long day!


  1. Oh I love them!!! I don't take the time to comment often but I really enjoy your blog and peek in most every day. You always inspire!

  2. oh my these are way to cute! I love them! Yikes Easter is creeping up on us isn't it!

  3. darling cards, and atc's so sweet

  4. oh my gosh- those cards are so beautiful!!! Can you believe I totally forgot to make easter cards- it is so early this year- I have thought I have a long time LOL

  5. These are so Eastery -- they are light and bright and sunny -- love them!!!


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