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Tuesday, September 15

Somerset Holidays & Celebrations

I was flipping through a magazine at the local Joann's today and remembered that I forgot to post that Somerset Holidays & Celebrations issue from Stampington hit the newsstands around the beginning of the month. I was really happy again (I'm always happy when it comes to Stampington) that they put me in the front of the magazine.
If you've never seen anything that this publishing company has put out, you are seriously missing out on a really classy, inspirational and creative group of publications. I love everything they put out, and each month each I see at Border's is amazing and creative.
I'd love to hear what is your favorite publication from Stampington! Hope you're having a great week.....I've got to get to bed, so thanks for visiting and have a wonderful WEDNESDAY!


  1. ohhh how wonderful! I definetly have to buy this issue when I come in October! Huge hugs and congrats Sweets!

  2. it looks wonderful and congrats to you.... i should subscribe....

  3. congrats-I have to run out and buy this one, your work is beautiful you always do over the top work. By the way love the new header. heart rock, ROCKS!!

    peggy lee

  4. My copy is next to the bed...I read a little of it every night (and have been re-reading it)! I also love that you are in the front of the magazine. Congrats!

  5. I'm just itchin to get this issue! When some extra cash comes my will be mine! :D Congrats on the cover! So cool!

    yapping cat

  6. oh yes!! i saw you in somerset... in fact, my husband was impressed that i 'knew' you... so i have my copy right here on my desk... love those stitched collages!!!!

    lucky you with those cool new tools!!!

  7. I finally sat down with my copy yesterday. I love your 12 Days. You do such great work! and I love that we're both in the same issue ;-)


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