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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Wednesday, September 23

Funky Funkin' Punkin!!

When you work in the craft industry (as well as fashion and I'm sure others) you have to think MONTHS ahead of time. Sometimes it's hard to wrap your head around a Halloween project when there's 2 feet of snow on the ground - but after a while you learn to work with it and then when Halloween comes around you're all dried up in the creative department, LOL.

Take this little project I did that's featured in a little flyer at my local JoAnn's Craft Store - (and I'm sure yours too). I'm not the only one with a funkin, there are lots of creative funkin' punkin's in the flyer.

JoAnn's calls it a gorgeous gourd. I call it funky.

You can see from the snow in the background that there was still a LOT of snow on the ground, so I'm guessing I worked on this sometime last February/March time. If I remember right, it was a challenge to think fall in the midst of all that cold snow.

You can download the instructions for this "Gorgeous Gourd" and all the others featured in the flyer from JoAnn'

Thanks for stopping by, I'm thinking about doing a give-away soon, so check back and let me know you're still around!


  1. LOVE this pumpkin! Makes me want to go to JoAnn's for a pumpkin to decorate! Wouldn't want to say Funkin' Punkin' three times fast tho' :)

  2. Love it! I like funky punkins! :D

    yapping cat


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