Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!

Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
You can now purchase all of my stamps directly from Art Gone Wild! Click on the image to see what's new!

Tuesday, September 22

Featured FaceBook FRIEND

I recently saw a post on Altered Arts FaceBook that they were looking for unpublished ATC's, so I contacted Cyndi and sent her a bunch of ATC's to choose from. Since they all had been published in galleries or other places that I am in she couldn't publish them. Last weekend I made a couple fresh batches for her to publish. This is the Halloween batch she put in the Altered Arts e-mag - Issue 18. It's free with any 9.99 purchase from Altered Arts, or just $2.99. I'm not sure where she's going to put the other batch, but they were really fun to make.

Anyway, this is a nice little e-zine. My pal Vicki Chrisman is in there with a cute little book she made. Definetly worth the $2.99 if you purchase it - and a sweet little gift if you purchase something from the store! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Aww Man! I love the bingo atc's!!! I am jealous of your backroom purchase power the day you bought them! ;-) Great work!


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