Creative Jumpstart 2021

Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Sunday, September 27

A Great Weekend was had by All!

Me, Hannah, Leslie and Claudine at the studio window

Catherine Bickford, owner of Artascope and Claudine Helmuth


With our new kindred spirit Shoshanna.

The College Discovery Workshop was great, I FINALLY mastered a gel medium transfer thanks to Claudine. The trick really, is patience. And dry gel medium. And Claudine's gel medium. I need to get another tub - went through almost 4 ounces in 2 days. yeah, we were busy!

With the exception of one thing, I wouldn't change a bit about the weekend. We enjoyed the company of our new friend Shoshanna who sat at our little table pod - and met some really lovely women from other rooms. Caryn is a lovely mixed media artist from Dover, NH who was very lovely to talk with. I also enjoyed chatting with Sarah and many others.

The ladies at Artoscope looked after every detail that could be looked after - fresh home made food for lunch both days, baked goods, delicious wine Friday and Saturday evenings, plus tea and coffee and snacks out all day yesterday and today. Every person that worked at the studio was lovely to chat with, and you could tell they really enjoyed being there. It was just a lovely atmosphere to be in. It encouraged our creativity - as did Claudine. of all the classes and workshops that I've ever taken - this was BY far the absolute BEST. If you ever have a chance to take a woekshop at Artoscope or from Claudine - I highly recommend it - you won't be disappointed!

Thanks for stopping by, I'll share some pictures of things I worked on tomorrow, have got a million other things to do right now!


  1. hey sweets,
    what a fabulous weekend!!
    so fun

  2. gee, what was that ONE thing? Thank you for NOT posting the photo of my BUTT!

  3. Hi Catherine! So nice to have met you at ArtEscapes :) p.s. congratulations on your books!

  4. So great to meet you this weekend. It would have been fun to be in the same room. Was it you that I was talking to about the store Absolutely Everything? If it was and you are headed there we should meet in Portsmouth for a shopping trip sometime.

  5. It looks like you ladies had tones of fun!!!!


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