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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Friday, September 25

Artascope Here I come!

I made 25 ATC's yesterday to swap at my workshop this weekend. I'm really looking forward to this, and hoping we learn some image transfer techniques!

I had fun with these ATC's...they weren't really that hard - here's how I made them. First, I scanned in a little Bingo card from a set that I have and changed the words on the top to say Artascope, added the details of the weekend at the bottom and printed 25 of them out.

Then I took a photo of myself and added a filter to it in Photoshop Elements so it looks like a photocopy and printed 25 of them out.

Then I made a dress from an old book page. To make it easier to color the dresses, I swabbed the entire page with red ink and then cut out the dress and glued it over the top of the photo. Then I cut them both out and scalloped the edge of the dress with scalloped scissors. Before I glued me and my new red dress to the bingo card I used some punchinella and blue ink to add a little blue background texture to the card.

A quick stitch around the dress and the border, add the details to the back of the card and I'm almost done! Hot glue a bingo piece to the side of my dress - and about 3 hours later I'm done with 25 custom made Artist Trading Cards to swap with the other people attending the workshop.

I'll be posting pictures as I can over the weekend.....thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I'd sign up for the workshop just to get one of these ATCs! Great job!


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