Creative Jumpstart 2021

Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Saturday, September 5

Creativity has many forms....

Sometimes I don't have the time or am not in a place where I can create in the traditional way that I like to. Yesterday and today are the perfect example of that. Since I had my camera with me I chose to look through the lens with my creative eye to see what cool shots I could find.

My favorite one is the bright green fern floating on the water. My second favorite is the reflection of my boy in the water....the rocks in the stream are placed at his head. I also like the tiny bug wing that was floating on the water, it was really tiny, around a 1/2" or so - but with the macro lens turned on I was able to get it.

My favorite picture of the weekend is on my husband's camera. My Mom gave him a bendable little tripod for his camera last year for Christmas and I decided to attach it to my ballcap with my camera on it - and called it the Catherine cAm. It was funny, at least I thought it was funny.

Well, thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy this long weekend!


  1. Love the cat cam- wonderful wonderful photos!

  2. Your pics are so soothing! I love the cat cam too. :) Hope all is well.


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