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Saturday, August 23

Old Navy...sunflowers and staging!

Phew, what a busy day it's been. If you didn't make it to the Old Navy denim blowout today you missed out! They had jeans for kids for 7 bucks and 12 for adults. Got the little V and my nieces some pants - 5 pairs of jeans and 2 shirts for 52. bucks. I was there when the doors first opened at 9am, and so glad I got up early to get there while the gettin' was good!

Went up to my garden last night to pick a bouquet of sunflowers, and boy are they gorgeous! I thought about them the whole time I was in Nebraska and how they were coming along...and beautiful was the answer. Gosh, I love them. This year I planted two packets of them and the bed is huge....and attracting a ton of bees. There was a ton of bees on all the flowers, though all the pictures I took of them came out blurry!! And the mosquitoes were pretty bad too, so I didn't get a very big bouquet!

I did manage a few pictures to share. These are the small ones, about 3 to 5 inches in diameter. Did I mention that I love 'em yet?

For the rest of the day we worked outside on the trim (flashing and drip edge and all kinda weird names for wood) and it was up and down on staging, sticky fingers from using the caulking and spreading it out with my finger...holding this, getting that - doing this and that....and we're not done. Hopefully tomorrow we'll be DONE with that project and ready to move on to the others....I'll share some pictures when we've finished tomorrow, though I must add we could NOT have done it without the help of my father. He's a pretty awesome guy and spent most of the day down here cutting and supervising (telling us what to do cause we had no clue really.) I did make him several glasses of lemonade so I think he was happy with that.

Reminder: If you haven't signed up for the little collage giveaway, do it before this post!

Good Luck AND Good Night everyone!


  1. OK, just had it over - I want it!! Enjoyed reading about you and Vicki's adventures and the picturs of the sunflowers are gorgeous!

  2. ohhh sunflowers are my favorite flowers - they make me so happy to look at!!!

  3. How amazing are those sunflowers. Fantastic pictures cat!

  4. don't the sunflowers just make you smile? great photos cat. you have been one busy girl since you got home!wow! send some ambition my way will you? :)

  5. Those flowers are gorgeous! I bet they would be so pretty dried too! Sounds like your Father is a wonderful man! Glad you all had a good weekend!

  6. OH.. CAT.. those are so Beautiful! I need to plant some next year for sure!

  7. love your photos of the flowers, so beautiful. i have enjoyed watching your adventures with vicki and reading my own copy of art from the heart!! love all of your wonderful ideas. thansk for the collage giveaway that i didn't even know about...
    have a wonderful day!!


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