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Wednesday, August 27

Email woes...

I've been having some email issues this week - and it seems as though many of the emails you have sent me have bounced back to you as undeliverable. If this has happened to you, please try again. Comcast has made some changes to their servers and email system and they are "trying to get a hold on this problem" hopefully it will be fixed soon.

We've been busy this week getting ready for back to school, which is next Tuesday. New sneakers - size 6 1/2 OMG!! . New pants and shirts. A fortune for new supplies at Staples. Hopefully we're all set now, except we need to venture out of town for some cool shirts. My buddy Hannah has probably thought I forgot about her, but I haven't. We talked about going shopping this week - but I've just been on WARP 90million and haven't had a chance to call. I will though, probably should be doing that right now instead of this.

Wanted to share this page I did for Scrapbooking & Beyond Magazine using my new and WAY cool Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet. It's a hybrid page so the photo of my boy has been altered and then printed and scrapbooked in the traditional way. I am so in love with this page, and my Fun Tablet too!

Well, I've got to get off this thing. I've been trying to figure out my email since 2:00 and now it's 4:00...thank goodness the Little V went to play at his friend's house today.

Ta Ta For Now. Remember to email me again if you got a bounced message from my server people.


  1. Hope you get your email issues worked out. That is so frustrating! Love the page you did!

  2. oh how frustrating having ail issues,its goota be one of my biggest bugs!! good luck on sorting it out!
    Oh what a hreat page of Little"V" well not so little lol!! love the colors andI must get my tablet out,you know I bought it ages ago and took it out of the box for a test run and then never used it since ssssshh.. told tell him indoors lol!! Yeah my Little man return to school next tuesday all ready just shoes needed and that is a test in its self if he will go or not

  3. hope your email get's handeled soon - love this layout- it is so cool! congrats on the pub, Sweets!!!

    Talk and "see" you soon :)


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