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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Wednesday, August 13

It's the day before....

I leave for my trip to Vicki's...and I'm pretty excited about it. Though my laundry is done (he he Vic, finally huh!!) I'm not packed and I still have an assignment to finish before I leave - I've got plenty of time as my flight isn't until noon tomorrow!

Here are my 10 minute Collage's I've been working on. Each one takes me just a little bit of time to create, but aren't they great? It's great to park myself with my scrap box in fron of the tv with my scissors (yes NO paper trimmer used on these - and mostly SCRAPS and discarded paper) and make these. They get fancied up with a picture and some gold stitching. I've made almost 40 of them - so some will be available on my Etsy when I get home from Vic's and the rest I'm going to approach a local upscale store with....wish me luck on that!

There are a few inparticular that I am planning on making into prints. I had so much fun with these...anyway - gotta run for now - to finish my article that I'm working on....TTFN!

And thanks for sun's a beautiful day in the neighborhood for a change!


  1. Those are beautiful Cat!!!! Looking forward to Saturday make sure to save a wee bit of room in your suitcase :)

  2. love these!! so cute and way creative. i really like the flower buttons on the tickets, what a great way to use up scraps of paper and time!! i can't just watch tv or a dvd, gotta be doing something at the same time.

    have a great trip!! keep on creating....


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