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Friday, August 22

Home Again..Home Again...jiggity jig...

It's good to be home. It's good to get away too, especially when you have a good friend such as Vic to go and visit. She thought of everything, and I mean everything! She had a little gift to give me each night, to discover as I was getting ready for bed. Thoughtful things too! My Mom asked me what my favorite thing was about my visit, and I couldn't put one thing above the other -because it was all GREAT! THANK you Vic, for everything!

As you read from her blog we spend many hours out junkin' or antiquing - or treasure hunting. Whatever you call it, we had a great time at it! The picture below shows some of the treasures I picked up, and also the cute little sign that was in my bathroom when I arrived. See, I told you she thought of everything!

The red pincushion came from my friend Shawn (BonoRama Mama) She did all the crocheting - isn't it gorgeous! She drove all the way to Nebraska to visit on Saturday. I love it! She also brought me the vintage metal butterflies and a package of glittery ones too, THANK YOU Shawn. I really enjoyed meeting you, I wish you could have stayed longer too!

This bracelet Vicki's friend Deb gave to me on Saturday at the party. Isn't it beautiful. It has a little hanging star charm too, THANKS Deb, I love it.

And, for those of you anxious to see which little collage I'm giving away on Monday, here's a little picture of it. So fitting as a give away next week, as it says "ah! remember" and remember what a fine visit I had with Vicki.

If you haven't left a comment on this post yet, please do so and I'll add your name to the drawing I'll be having sometime on Monday! This is a 5 x 7 collage using an original photograph and vintage papers along with scraps of printed papers and stitched with gold thread onto watercolor paper, perfect for framing!

Well, TTFN, gotta get some groceries. Laundry is caught up, floors are vacced, beds are changed - and now it's time to go to town and get some food!


  1. It looks like you found a lot of nice little treasures and were gifted with some nice things! Love your collage!

  2. I'm glad you had a good time! I wish I could have stayed longer too. :( Maybe I'll have to come visit you in Maine!! Glad you got home safely and thank you for all of my goodies too you are too sweet!

  3. oh looks like you found some wonderful treasure on your junking jaunts,beautiful
    Oh what a beautiful work of art you have created for your giveaway
    it is out of this world!

  4. cat it was so much fun meeting you and getting to know you. i had heard so many nice things about you from vic that i kinda felt like i knew you already! glad you liked the braclet.;) your art work is gorgeous and from the heart!;)

  5. Wahhhh.. we miss you already. Molly is crying.

  6. it's good to see you had a good time. Love the bracelet and Welcme home!

  7. Welcome home - sounds like vicki and her friends all spoiled you just a little. I love it! And the piece you created for the give-a-way would be beautiful in my home {hee hee}.

  8. Hi Catherine, your comment just popped up as I approached the computer - thank you! So now I'm looking at your beautiful collage giveaway - oohhh yes I would love to go in the draw!
    Love the sunflowers too - they are all brown and drooping their heads over here now, harvest time has arrived!


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