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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Thursday, August 28

It was a perfect beach day!

We spent a glorious day at the beach searching for sea shells at our favorite spot, enjoying the company of my Mom, eating our lunch sitting on the sandy blanket - and dipping our toes in the chilly water. The weather was perfect - sun shining with a slight breeze, and 74 degrees - not a cloud in the sky. I really wish sometimes that we lived closer to the ocean - like 35 minutes isn't close enough, but I'd like to wake up hearing the ocean and smelling the saltiness of the air. I do love being down there, but yet on the drive down it seems so far away from town. Not that we don't live far from town, probably the same distance, truth be told. I think I'm fickle sometimes. Little V loves the beach...he spent his time digging in the sand making a secret castle. We went on two shell walks, the second because we had to wait for the tide to go out some before we could find the good ones. Still. It was, the perfect day!
This is proof that the water was cold, just look at his face!!
Guinness, she does not like the camera OR the water!
The Coast Guard Station, now a private residence. I love this building!
We were so tired from the fresh air and was amazing that I felt I could just lay down and go to sleep. Maybe it was because I was so relaxed? Hard telling, but when I checked the mail and got my copy of Somerset Holidays and Celebrations - I tell you I WAS WIDE AWAKE! First, it's a beautiful publication, they always do such a fine job with the design of their publications. LOVE THEM. And second, because I had quite a few things in there! Hope you'll have a chance to check it out for yourself!
Page 74, two postcards.
On pages 14 through 17 I share an article with Jacki Jameson, and Jennifer did an awesome job in putting it together! THANKS ladies, it looks awesome! Well, it's nearly 10 and I have more work to do, so I'll say ta ta for now! Till tomorrow!


  1. Love those beach photos!!! Oh congrats on the Somerset - i have to get this issue!!!

  2. yeah Catheirne!!!! I'm so happy your gorgeous work was know how much i LOVE those hanging postards.

  3. aww love the photos from your beach trip! i could live in that station house,looks so cool! congrads on being published in somerset studio. i need to go to the bookstore and see if they have that issue! have a great weekend!

  4. I know what you mean about the beach. At night, being lulled to sleep by the shushing waves.... there's nothing like it.

    I love Guinness, the hound that is.

    And congrats on all your Somerset pages!!!!!!!


  5. The water looks so fun! Oh my I need to get a copy of that magazine, congrats!!!

  6. Hello Catherine!!!
    I bought your book Art from the Heart and i love it!! Wow! I am so happy with it! Thank you!

    Nans ;-)


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