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Tuesday, October 30

Computer funk..

do you ever get into a funk where you want nothing to do with the computer - even the basics of checking email and the normal day to day blogging? That's me the last couple of days. Just kinda tired of it. What I've been doing instead is having fun making stuff. Saturday I went to North Attleboro with Kelley to take a book binding class from Tena Sprenger. Wow, I am totally into that! It was so much easier than I thought it would be. Having her there to get us out of trouble when we needed was awesome. She was a great instructor, and I am seriously thinking of signing up for her Big Picture Scrapbooking Series of book binding classes. I was so loving this skill that I learned that I started making some art journals from watercolor paper I've got hanging around. I've got a ton of watercolor blocks so I took them apart, cut them down and got them folded and the signatures ready for hole punching and binding. I need to find some cheap book board and make the covers and then they'll be done. I've also been working on another Prima Paintables project! I love this little girl that Sandy from Crafty Secrets sent me a while back - and every time I go into my images folder I see her looking at me - and so I did something with her. Anyway, a discovery while working on this - and RANGER look out. I've nearly got my own recipe worked out for crackle paint....yes. I have discovered exactly how to make my own custom colors of this lovely (and expensive) product. This accidental discovery totally made my day. Look out Ranger ;-) Anyway, on this canvas I used: Prima Paintables, vintage book papers, hand stitching, watercolor paints, Catherine's Crackle ;-), Sheer Heaven, Heidi Swapp bling and letters, vintage tape measure, and Creative Imagionations shapes covered with two colors of glitter. Oh, and those MME fancy cards that I love!
Anyway, I justed noticed I use anyway a lot.... he he he. Have a great day everyone!! I think I might send this one to Prima too....


  1. I'm sorry I've been so out of touch! I'd love to see what you're working on...I, the exact opposite of you, have been in computer heaven...not taking any paint, paper, glue, nothin' out for quite some time...and gee...I'm in two art shows coming right up...oops!!!

  2. I think we were in the same boat Catherine I havent been on the computer much either. Wow I really love love love that page you did! It looks fabulous you should send it in!!!

  3. Oh Missy, you've done it again! BEUATIMUS!!
    (i have the little girl sitting right here on my dest too!) lol

  4. oh my gosh -this is breathtaking.

    Funny that you talk of the crackle paint- I'm really hesitation ordering it to get it to Germany...mhhh - maybe i order it from you- LOL


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