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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Friday, October 5

Long Weekend!

I made this page a little bit ago, can't remember the name of the papers, but you can get them over at ScrapMuse if you like them. Also got my October kit this week, and YUM, it's delicious. You should get one before they sell out, last month everything was COMPLETELY sold out!! gonzo. can't get one anymore. he he he. I've a cool project thought out to make....just need to find the time to get it done {big assignment for EK taking up my table, brain and life....}, long weekend, Big V working.....
The Little V has a 4 day weekend and we've got big plans for it! This afternoon we went to see the Seeker, rated PG - but he was a little on the scared side. He asked me if we could go home once, but I thought we should stay and finish - and we did - only he WAS IN MY LAP!! It was ok, cause I was cold and he leaned on me and kept my arms warm....we also plan on going to the outdoor flea market - and maybe a trip to P-Town...not the P-town down near the cape, but our P-town. We could also call it Bean Town - but it's not Boston....they do make Boston Baked Beans there....
The outside flea is the most exciting thing on the schedule to me, but if it rains we'll go to the inside one. They don't dicker as well, and some even get offended when you try to dicker with them....but they'll get over it when we move on.
Now that Sew Somerset is out I thought I'd share a few from those that I contributed. I sent in another one but I think they are holding it for another issue, most likely spring. I need to get my butt in gear and make some things for the other calls they have going on. I'll share another tomorrow if you like! {I love making my own transparencies like I did for this one} You can tell I really love this song by Train can't you? It's the second thing I've used it for, but I think that's ok. This is for my scrapbook and the other is for my wall. Or Etsy. Or a gift. Haven't decided yet.

Well, ta ta everyone. Charlotte you need to say hey!


  1. sounds like a fun weekend planned! Love your lo's really love that flower and swirlie cut outs!

  2. love little V's layout - wonderful And the second one with the butterfly is soo amazing!!! I love how you are peaking out of the wing!


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