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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Monday, October 22

Fall Foliage, boy it's YUMMY!

Yesterday we went on a hike with the Scouts to Bradbury Mountain State Park. It was so pretty, the leaves in perfect color. At the beginning of the trail it seemed pretty steep, and I was quickly regretting my 50 minutes of running on the treadmill. My butt hurt - my hamstrings hurt - it was tough. And steeep. And rocky. And oh my gosh my butt hurt so bad. When we got to the top - I will say all the pain in my backside was worth it - because the view was gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

I took a video to show the peacefullness of it - but well - imagine a small rocky mountain top with 10+scouts, their famileis and a bazillion other people enjoying the sun and foliage - and well, the movie just isn't peacefull at all!

I've been busy today, but need to get busier. I've had this project on my mind with the Prima Paintables - and since I thought I had missed the deadline for their contest I put it in the back of my head....but found out this morning that the deadline is 10/ I've been working on that as well as some things for Natalie over at Creative TECHniques Magazine.

For now, it's a batch of applesauce and supper for the little TTFN and happy Fall....or should I say Indian Summer?


  1. Oh.. good for you Cat , for doing that!!! What a view!

    I linked you up on my blog today, for "bloggers that make me smile"

    ...thats cause you do! lol

  2. wow those pics are wonderful! I love fall pics. What a good workout. I love to hike need to do it more. Take care!


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