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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Wednesday, October 24

Playtime with Prima Paintables !!

Say that 3x fast... he he he ! I recently decided I need to spend more time making things that make me happy...creating projects that I really like working on - not the forced creation that I often find myself doing for whatever reason. Not that I don't enjoy the forced creation, honestly I do love making just about anything, but playing. I need to spend more time on playing with no deadline, no prethought idea or anything - just play play play. I need to pulling those creative what if's out of my head and into something tangible...because often times they just stay up there and I never do anything with them.

I've been thinking about this canvas now for weeks - maybe longer - probably since I started stalking every single store and on-line store for these papers. Since watercolor painting is really where it all began for me, this just seemed to fit. When I watercolored all the time I worked on a block, so my paper was always taught and never curled. {I really dislike curled paintings....} One of my worries about this beautiful paper by Prima was that it would curl.

When my pretty papers came with my ScrapMuse stuff I had this thought ....what if I mounted the w/c paper onto a canvas and then it would be the same as painting on a block...and dang it I just love it when my plan works. My only issue was that I didn't babysit it - to wipe out the wrinkles and there are a few wrinkles under old Eva.... (don't know who she is but her name really is Eva, it's written in pencil on the original !! ) but you wouldn't know IRL because she's hiding them. Anywho, there's more to this playtime project than paint and paper - and I do love the way it turned out. I entered it into the Prima Paintables contest, I hope they like it.


  1. Oh MY .. I just saw this in the SM gallery and about fell off my chair! GORGEOUS work Cat!
    You just constantly amaze me!

    And as for what you said about "Creating for YOU"... oh.. I'm SO THERE! You just gotta do it sometimes, or it just feels like nothings "really yours".
    This is one amazing peice of art!

  2. OMG I'm so glad Vic told me to come on over to your blog and check out your latest project Cat!! It is amazing,Ilove it!! So excited to get your new book too! Can't wait! You RAWK girl! :)

  3. {GASP}
    Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!
    I absolutely love it. You have to send that in to Prima!


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