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Thursday, October 18

October ScrapMuse Kit

I made this 14 x 14 canvas with the October kit from ScrapMuse for my very good friend Chris. We have been friends for over 8 years - I first met her when I was pregnant with the Little V - she was my doula. She is such a wonderful friend - though we have had our ups and downs...we're not anymore. Chris is the mother to 5 children - of which she homeschools. Her hubby is in the Marine Corps. and they just moved back from abroad.... Chris is battling cancer, for the second time. The first time she came to the states and everything was fixed - but her tumor has returned. So, I made this canvas to send her. To let her know that even though we don't talk everyday - I think of her ALL the time and send my prayers and good thoughts her way. I think butterflies are beautiful, and to me signify how delicate life can be at times...they are beautiful and delicate creatures that God put on this earth for us ....which I think she is too! Anyway, If I could choose who my family would be - well I'd choose her as my you girl!


  1. I am going to get your book sometime. I know it would be so helpful in my cards. I am also learning ALT lately. I have now made three. I have also made cards similar to ALT's...collage type. The funny part is, I have always liked that look and for years I have been saving things that go perfectly on ALT's and collage cards. Now I am actually playing around with it all...and having so much fun. LOL

  2. Well, Hey, way to make me bawl! I love you too, SO MUCH, and think about you all the time. Cancer is a battle we are all faced with fighting, whether it be someone we know or ourselves and the realization that our American lifestyles are making us sick. One thing I learned so far...WE DON'T HAVE TO BE SICK!! We just need to educate ourselves and change some things. I want to help others to know HOW to do this. It's all God's Choice whether we live or is OUR choice how we help ourselves in the process.
    Thanks for helping me by being such a great friend!! I love you!

  3. wow catherine that is a beautiful piece! Chris you sound like an amazing gal. I'll say a prayer that your cancer goes away!

  4. Thank you, Shawn! Prayer makes all the difference in this difficult world. :) Have a great day!

  5. Prayers all around!!!
    That is a gorgeous peice Cat!

  6. WOW, cat!! that's such a great gift for your friend!! send my prayers to her and her family!!


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