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Wednesday, October 17

More Rusty Pickle!!

I forgot that one of my page assignments from my LSS was using this super cute pirate paper and cardstock embellishments from Rusty Pickle - due soon - very soon - on the 20th...and I am thankful that I put all my other assignments in the Fed X box to their new home - Clifton, New Jersey - and can do something fun. I took these pictures of Little V and Gram in 2005 - during a blizzard or something when everyone had ants in their pants. She is such an awesome Gram (and Mother too) she will do just about anything the kids want her too. On this particular day Little V. wanted to play pirates with a hat made of newspaper and his Lego pirates....these are really cute pictures, however - Gramster is going to shoot me ;-) Well. looks like blogger is not happy - so I'll have to upload the picture'll keep you in suspense and coming back for more....more....more...


  1. love your work with RP! Can't play along- I do not own any RP - ahem ;-)

  2. Love it!!!Love your glittery letters! Little V is such a good pirate and I think Gram makes an awesome one too! What a cool gram!


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