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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Wednesday, January 27

New Stamps from Art Gone Wild, Part 3

For all you stampers out there, I think the stamps I've drawn for Art Gone Wild over the last few years offer a nice range of diversity. I started with flowers and some fun paisley designs and have progressed to more flowers, some abstract items and now mushrooms, cakes and cupcakes to some pretty cool bugs.

I really like that they have stretched me out of my comfort zone, but it's been hard that's for sure. 

And maybe even a little frustrating. 

But in the end, I really love what I've been able to bring to the stamping community. Especially the bug lovers. Yup, that dragonfly down there really makes me happy.

Just one more post about new stamps and then I'm done for a while -- well only until I have time to start creating with them that is! I miss having time to make videos to show you how I create -- I need to make that a top priority that's for sure!

Have a wonderful day, thank you for dropping by.

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