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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Sunday, January 24

Doing what I do, New Stamps + Old Friends

Last month was the Craft + Hobby Association Meeting in Anaheim, California. I went with Momenta -- I taught a class, presented some new product on the Create + Craft Show and demo'd their new products for the rest of the show.

Here I am demoing the new Luxe Paint from Art-C, and that's my friend Tasha in the background. We work together at Momenta, she is the Director of Product Development.

Oh, and I got to see my new stamps with Art Gone Wild, and I love the cards they had made for the show. The gal they hired did an amazing job with them. I'll show you some more photos in a few days!

And what I love most about the show is seeing old friends, like the sweetest Nat Kalbach. We've been friends in this industry since 2005 -- maybe it was 2006. I can't remember exactly but she's a great creative friend that I always love spending time with!

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