Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!

Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
You can now purchase all of my stamps directly from Art Gone Wild! Click on the image to see what's new!

Friday, January 29

My Project for 2016

I'm working on a new book for 2016. Not sure that I will fill all the pages in a year, but I'm gonna work as often as I can to to add art and words to this lovely blank book.

I will probably even add some stamped pages.

Oh wait, I already did.

I love my new Strawberry stamp from Art Gone Wild.

I also plan to add lots of sketches and qoutes that I love.

Maybe some color, but maybe not.

I also plan on dreaming big this year.

Because, why not.

P.S. I love my new beetle stamp. And honestly, I didn't even see the heart on his back until I started coloring this one in.

Big things -- yup they do start small.

And, they often start with cupcakes.

And sweet strawberries.

So why not.

What's your project for this year? Thanks for dropping by, have a wonderful day!

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