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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Sunday, November 2

Happy November!!

Wanted to share a few pictures from our Halloween. Every year I say I'm going to get really creative with carving - and every year I don't. We wait until the 11th hour and we're carving at the last minute...The two on the left are electric...The one with the funky nose was designed by the Little V....I love the teeth on it. We didn't stay out trick or treating for long, a lot of the houses had their lights off already and someone was in a mood - not me or Big V either! I think it's hard being an only child and nights like Halloween bring it out, makes me very guilty that we didn't have siblings for him.

Anyway,. I can't hardly believe that October is gone and we're into the first days of November!! And, 52 days until Christmas, eeeeek where has the year gone? I've got a bajillion things to be doing right now, so ta ta for now...I'll try and share some arty things with you tomorrow! Nighty night!


  1. Love your carving skills!!!
    Have a happy week!

  2. Love your halloween pics, especially the pumpkin one!!

  3. Siblings are over-rated. just kidding. My siblings were 10 and 8years older than a certain point I was basically an only child. As a mother, I am one and done. One daughter and no more. I tell her, "Oh, it's like everything else. Has its good points, has its bad points."

    Just think of all the "MOM, HE STOLE MY CANDY!" fights you're avoiding. ;) And all the exta presents Santa brings him.

    ~Melty Chocolate~

  4. I love your pumpkins!! The boys are scary!!! Sounds like you all had a great evening though hugs!

  5. I just wanted to welcome you to the Aged Vintage Papier Webring! We are completely honored to have you :-) I will be adding you to the blog soon... I will be emailing you shortly!!!

  6. Siblings??? Well, you and J are kids enough right? lol I think that kiddo is pleased as punch with the fam he has. Lucky kid to have you guys for parents.
    Jack-o-lanterns are Great!


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