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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Wednesday, November 5

Mish Mash of things....

It's Wednesday and I'm frantic....not sure why. I think part because I stayed up too late watching the election coverage - then fell asleep on the couch with the TV on and woke up at 2am and went to bed. Was too tired to brush my teeth so I woke up feeling all icky. (I've since brushed them :-) Feeling a little stressed at what this election means for our country....I hope it can be only good.

Frantic because I'm working on assignments - and love that - but also have a the craft fair which I eluded to a couple of days earlier. I've been spending my days working on things for EK and my nights working on craft fair goodies. I'm feeling a bit stressed because I'm not sure I have enough things for my display, and also because I'm afraid my tables won't be big enough....I may just rent a table if it's not to late and not stress over that. Anyway, I snapped a few photos this morning of the corners of my studio to show you sneaks of the things I've completed or am still working on....BTW, I asked my father to slap some boards together one day to make me a stamp shelf. You can see he didn't slap them together but made a beautiful oak shelf for them. I love having my wood blocks out on display, they're all so inspiring!

I'm almost done with my EK work, today should wrap it up and that will leave me two whole days to plan and scheme and otherwise get prepared for Saturday....say a prayer for me, will ya? ;-)

In other news, I was contacted a couple weeks ago by a lovely woman, Angela Fox from Creative Day Cafe to see if I'd be up for an interview. I'm happy to say she uploaded that yesterday, I hope you'll all check it out. THANK you Angela for asking, I'm honored to be on your site!

In more, other news; my friend Tammy Tutterow honored me this week with the Kreativ Blogger Award. THANK You Tammy, I'm blushing. I'm gonna have to list those that inspire me later as I need to get back to work now. Stay tuned!
Have a great day everyone! Thanks for visiting!


  1. I see some stitched tags that I will have to gush over when I hit the craft fair on Saturday! Woohoo! Good luck on the preparation! You and I kept the same hours last night. I brushed my teeth....but got up with a headache...Your displayed items are beautiful! You are going to do great this weekend!

  2. your items for sale are beautiful. i love the tin can buckets, the collages with book pages and the tags. what do you make that i don't just LOVE????

    your stamp shelf is wonderful, so blessed to have such a good dad!! give him an extra hug & kiss!!

    i too am unsettled about the election, but fortunately my faith and trust is in Jesus and not barak obama!!

    have a wonderful rest of the week and i know that you will do great at the craft fair, your stuff is so unique!!

    take care....

  3. Beautiful yummy stuff! Hope all goes well. And don't stress, we Americans always overcome.

  4. Hey busy girl...I am right there with you. The creative part feel so good. I hope you are a flying success on Saturday! Wish I could come. I love Craft Fairs...Kara

  5. God love men and woodworking tools! Barack Obama will take all the help he can get, especially from Jesus!

  6. Don't stress it will all turn out great! Oooh I like your stamp shelf. I like those buckets are they tin? Everything is so cute. Hugs

  7. WOW!!!! Love your new work!!! I wish I would be able to come to the craft fair... it looks amazing! Congrats on your glogger award and on your interview... it's fabulous!!!! Have a happy evening and try to relaxe a little bit!
    Hugs xx

  8. Your Father is so talented! Now I see where you get it from :) How sweet of him! I love all of your goodies I wish you a great sale. Off to check out your interview congrats!

  9. hi ..
    I like so much your blog
    thanks for share your beatiful works
    ciao dall'Italia

  10. Ohhh I am loving all the stuff you have shown us here and I am sure that Saturday will work a treat for ya!

  11. you gonna rock Saturday! Love the boards your dad put together. Hang in there!!!


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