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Thursday, October 30

My Little Helper...

On Sunday when I was at Pamela's house she had a lovely gift for everyone. One of the ladies got a box filled with these York Peppermint Patties decorated with pumkins and scalloped circles. She had picked up the pumpkin stamp at Joann's for a buck and lucky me she didn't mind that I stamped a bunch of them to make my own for a Halloween treat for my 4th Graders at our Friday Crafting Class. Tonight my Little V. helped me punch and assemble the treats, he's such a great crafter! I bought the largest bag of peppermint patties, not the extra large patties but the one bite patties. One bag made 37 party favors with 3 patties left over for the taste tester. I used the 2" EK Success Scalloped Punch and the 1 1/2" Nesting Circle Punch for this project. One scallop on the bottom, one on the top and add the pumpkin in the center. We used a small piece of double stick tape to stick everything together. Little V did most of the punching - didn't he do a great job?
Look at the concentration on his face! I've got a million things to do this weekend so I may not post tomorrow.....have a great weekend everyone!


  1. what a great mommy to share this time with him and let him be a big part in the process!! great memories that you are making along the way of your everday living!! what great treats for all the little tricksters!! happy halloween!!

  2. love your personnal touch to the treats and that they were made with love from you and yout son! Got your ATC yesterday, so precious, yours is in the mail... hope you get it soon! I was wondering to you copy (replicate/scann) old pictures or those pics a unique picture from years ago! You must have an amazing collection! Went to an antique store yesterday, they had a tones of pictures put the owner wasn't there and the cleck didn't know the prices.... but he said betwin 1 and 10$ they are usually are.... I guess you found a nice spot in the states to buy some, here in canada the prices are crazy! ok long comment... ;) have a wonderful afternoon!

  3. those are so cute! I need to put that punch on my christmas list I need that!! :)

  4. Clever clever...I need one of these punches sold me. Off to Archivers I the way, YoU ARE TerRiFic! Hugs-Kara

  5. Just stopping by to say, These are the cutest with a capital C! I've been following your blog for a few weeks and finally decided to leave you a little thank you for all of the yummy eye candy you post. I've really enjoyed and have been greatly inspired by you and your work. Having been trained originally as a graphic artist and new to altered art, I truly love your crisp clean style. I will be visiting your etsy store! Congratulations on all of your successes!

  6. Oh.. those are so cute Cat!!! Look at his concentration??? I love it!

  7. what a great idea! I could see these for christmas too! I miss peppermint patties!

  8. catherine,

    the lovely collage that you stitched together in the previous post... is that decorative strip that is pale red something that you punched??? if so, please share how and what you used ;)

  9. I see a future artist...He is a cutey pie.


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