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Sunday, November 30

Good Bye November!

Where has the time gone? This morning I watched the news a little bit before I got up and got to thinking about time...and the fact that the bad weather is approaching tonight and tomorrow...and then thinking, well it won't be long and spring will be here and the bad weather is gone. wha?? I guess that kind of thinking will get me through the winter :-) I still can hardly believe that Christmas will be here in 25 days and I still feel like it should be summer. I guess that means that I've been crazy CRAZY busy these last few months.

Even though I've been busy with work for EK Success, volunteering at school and furiously making things for craft fairs - I haven't been to busy that I can't have a little fun too. Last week I had two of my good friends over for a collaborative lunch and a lazy crafting afternoon. Kelley and Karen came bearing food (soup and dessert) and I made muffins to go along with the soup. It was a lovely day - as we all finished up our cards for a swap today - here again at my house. Another respite from the frenzy of making cool stuff to get together with a group of kindred crafting spirits. A bunch of ladies (and myself) that used to shop at Kelley's store (and one took my classes) have started getting together once a month. Today it's my my house. I shouldn't be doing this computer business, I should be doing those last minute cleaning up organizing things..but anyway. We're going to swap cards, chat, eat, craft and have a lovely afternoon!

I hope you do too! ta ta for now!


  1. November zoomed by didn't it! Craft day's are so fun with friends. I wish you lived closer! I'm gathering goodies for our swap. A few of the girls from silver bella are selling their wares this weekend so I'll be shopping :) Have a great end to the weekend! Hugs. :)

  2. Oh, this looks so fun...wish I was there. Come to my home anytime and I would love to teach your jumprings how to fly! I hope you really do come to Silverbella next year and get that Vicki to come with you...I would look forward to seeing both of you all year long. Kara

  3. I enjoyed your blog!! Looks like a bit of good crafting going on!! Laurie

  4. It looks like you girls had lots of fun!
    I really wish I would live closer... I would love to join the fun!

  5. What a great afternoon of crafting and eating!! (Both afternoons!) I always get so jazzed after an afternoon of sharing with friends. I made little snowmen bottles (cloth, papers, scissors - Stampington publication) yesterday and found time to go to AC Moore and Michaels for more supplies! Good luck over the next couple of weekends with craft fairs! Cat, I almost hit 2 deer crossing your road on the way home on Sunday!

  6. I had a blast too! So nice to hang out with crafty friends. You'll be proud to know that I spent the evening stitching my Christmas cards.....50 down, 10 more to go (yes, we added 10 more to the list..ugh)Kelley


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