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Thursday, November 6

My Little Kitchen Helper

Every night as I get my groove on to start cooking my little kitchen helper wakes from her slumber to come to the kitchen to cheer me on, and to offer some assistance. Hi Mama, I'm here, can I help you her eyes say to me. Well, you can let me take your picture?? No, no thanks. Please don't take my picture she says as she looks away from the camera. Do you want a piece of zucchini? Oh yes, I thought you'd never ask. Thank you Mama.... and don't worry if you drop any pieces, I'll clean them up for you!
Why thanks Guinness... you're the best dog in town.
That's all for today, I've got a million things to do still before Saturday!!


  1. She's precious!!! Look at those eyes!!!

  2. How sweet!! Annie is like that too. She loves zucchini, potato really anything that is dropped on the floor is fair game!

  3. Look at that face!! I have a kitchen helper too!!

  4. Tee hee - look at her....that look would melt my heart :)

  5. Dogs are so precious--they melt our hearts! My dogs love for me to cook--they just wait and hope I will make a mess so they can clean it up.


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