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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Thursday, October 23

How I'm feeling today.... Domestically Challenged!!

I'm not a lover of housework, never have been - never will be either I guess. A couple of years ago when I came out of my studio with this ATC my husband cracked up and it's been a running joke between us ever since.

Don't get me wrong, my house looks clean and there isn't any clutter, except for right at this very moment....but that's another story... for another paragraph! I just don't like to vacuum - or dust - or wash the floors. I do it, honestly I do do it - but I grumble and bumble every moment I'm spending on cleaning and not creating!

Anyway, I'm really feeling awful the last few days because I haven't done laundry at home for over 2 weeks really, not entirely my fault mind washing machine died a couple of weeks ago...and first I couldn't decide what I wanted to replace it with, then I was washing it at my neighbor's house (well, she happens to be my Mother too) and drying it at my house...then her dryer died and my old dryer went to live at her house...then my new stackable front loading washer/dryer unit was FINALLY delivered - and the dryer was USED. Or rather not new. Whatever you call it I didn't use it because it had a you know what kind of hair from SOMEONE ELSE inside it. (insert disgusted face and a loud eeeeeeeeew!) So, my new dryer will be delivered NEXT week sometime, but in the meantime I've got to do some laundry. I think my neighbor may be tired of me using her dryer, but I"m not entirely sure of that :-). She does like the mid day tea and cookie break that an unexpected visit from her only daughter brings....

ON that note, she's having a big turkey dinner and we're gotta go or I'll be late...though it's only a 400 yard walk from my house to hers...I love that! So, ta ta for now. I've got to go find something vegetarian at her house.


  1. I remember when our washer quit. It was horrible!! I have been trying to clean but Bethany just follows me around and makes a mess :) oh well. Sounds like fun tonight! Maybe she has some tofurkey for you?? :)

  2. Ewww! on the hair. I'm ready to shoot my washer so I can get a new one. LOL.

  3. ditto donna's comment... 'eeewwwww!!' it must be in the water (pun intended!) my washer quit last night!! the bad part was that i had a full load of bath towels in & it filled up before 'giving up the ghost'. the appliance store is coming to check it tomorrow...

    as much as i want a new one (and dyrer as it has been rearing its ugly head!!) i HATE to spend the $$$$$. we will just have to wait and see what they say.

    catherine, the atc is hilarious and you & your husband have the memories... and i am so glad that you posted, i was beginning to wonder where you were?? :)

  4. Such a fun ATC. I love the humor and I feel the same way. Last Spring, my dryer caught on fire. We ended up buying a new dryer and washer. I really love it...even though I hate laundry. Actually, I don't mind doing it. I hate gathering it and putting it away. LOL -Kara

  5. That is a great ATC!
    as for the dryer thing... IIIIIIIII wouuuuuuuuuuuuld have freeaaaaaakkked! icky icky icky!
    Laundry and turkey at moms would be good with me!!!

  6. What a funny story :) I agree on the dryer...I would have had to put crime scene tape up until that thing was outta my house! Love the ATC. Funny how a 2-1/2" x 3-1/2" piece of art can have such an impact! Dust? You dust?? I thought dusty stuff is more valuable?!?!?

  7. well catherine, the repairman just left and for $250.00, i have a 3 year-old washer with a new "BRAIN". i asked him if for $250 could i get a new "BODY" with it?? the computer panel went out on it. ughhhh!!! strange how nearly everything related to a computer has quirks, but when we create with our bare hands and our brain... we get positive results filled with memories!!

    have a good day. i hope that your washer/dryer woes get all resolved quickly. have a wonderful weekend!!


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