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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Tuesday, October 28

Been a busy couple of days around here!!

I can't believe it's Tuesday already, seems like it should be Saturday afternoon still! I've been busy making art with friends, getting ready for the craft fairs we've got planned in November and working on assignments for EK Success.

For the first time since we lived in Washington State I've got a couple of groups of friends that I get together with to make art. Thursday of last week I went to my friend Hannah's house - she is the one I'm doing the fair circuit with and we crafted all day with our other friend Heidi Boyd. We also had a lovely lunch that we all contributed to, and that's always great!

On Sunday I went to another friend's house for an art afternoon. There were 6 of us sitting around her dining room table sharing techniques, eating snacks and talking about art and creativity. Food for the soul! It was a great time and I can't wait until we do it again!

And yesterday I went on a junkin' tour with my friends Karen and Kelley. We also stopped for a great lunch at Big G's Deli. Lunch was delicious - veggie soup and sweet potato french fries, but dessert was the best! And no, I didn't eat THAT monster all by myself! We split it 4 ways and Kelley took 1/4 of it home to her hubby!

Before we went home we stopped at Karen's house and visited it with Sassy. Isn't she adorable! I think she wanted to come home with me because when we got to the front door to leave she hopped on my foot and tried to climb up my leg!! At one point I laughed at something she did and said "that was funny" and she said " that was so funny"...she was super funny but didn't like it when we laughed at her!

Today it's back to business as usual working on EK Assignments, it's raining like the dickens and I've got to pick up the boy for his drum lesson this afternoon! I'm hoping I don't melt ;-) Ta Ta for now.


  1. looks like a gorgeous time!!! And that bird is so amazing!

  2. so glad to see you!! missed you the last couple of days, although it sounds like you were having a wonderful time, good for you!

  3. Love the last pic of you and the bird!!!

  4. sounds like a fun time!!! missed you posting!


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