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Wednesday, October 1

Blewits (Lepista nuda, Clitocybe nuda)

I think Rainy is correct, the mushroom I found in my garden is a Blewit, or Lepista nuda. Here's another picture of it. Lori, I googled the species that you mentioned but I am pretty sure that's not it. The mushroom I found is definetly purple on the underside(the purple has faded on it as it's been out of the ground since Monday), it looks exactly like the mushrooms shown here at the link Rainy sent me: I don't plan on eating it, as a matter of fact I've already put it in the garbage (not the compost bin) just in case it is poisonous! THANKS ladies for the help in identifying this!

I am really excited about the I Inspire 9: Metal and Wire post today. First it's gorgeous, second because Rita Weiss was the guest designer and THIRD and most important of all the I Inspire Me Blog was featured in ScrapStreet Magazine this month. What an awesome write up....thanks ScrapStreet!

Here's my page for the I Inspire Me Metal and Wire Challenge:

I've also made these little 4x6 Halloween Collages last 10:30. eeek. No wonder I am tired today! I meant to show you a picture of them BEFORE stitching and then again AFTER to impress on you just how much sewing on paper adds to a project but my before pictures didn't come out so great. So, take my word for it and start sewing on your paper creations TODAY! Practice makes perfect! Gotta run, ta ta for now!


  1. Actually you impress me with everything you create -) Love love love those atc! And your layout is gorgeous!

  2. beautiful atc's and collages. always beautiful!! love the photos of you on the layout!! beauti-mous job, indeed!

  3. I love your lo it is wonderful!! Those atc's are so fun!! I need to get to work on some. Thanks again for the atc you sent it brightened my day. Pookie is feeling a bit better. What a scary few days we have had. :(

  4. I continually look forward to your IIM projects as well as...well, pretty much else you make!!

  5. I am lovin' all the Halloween stuff. I wish I had you to sew for me. That stitching is to die for. Take care, kara


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