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Wednesday, October 29

Before AND After....

I made this little collage on Sunday while I was at Pamela's house. After the Technique Show & Tell we got our supplies out and started making things, and besides eating a lot of little chocolates that were on the table I made this. I just cut and pasted, no ruler - no paper cutter - just my scissors and a piece of chipboard so I could get a semi-straight line.

I did everything for this little collage, on the 12th Day of Christmas except the stitching while I was there. It's been silently calling to me from the bottom of the pile of scraps on my desk since Sunday. Begging me to finish it. Add the words and the golden stitching that would transform it from blah to oooooooh la la!

So, while I was procrastinating, looking for something to do - anything but what I am supposed to be doing - I decided to stitch this lovely and share it with you.

Notice I even stitched the red Christmas light reflector thingie.

Sewing on Paper is easy. If you can sew on fabric you can do this. If you've never sewn on fabric, I challenge you, TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU to try it. You'll never stop. You'll become addicted to it, just like me!

BTW, I never heard from two of the winners of the EK Success drawing - and I still have the chipboard books left. I decided that I'm not going to wait any longer to hear from them - so I'll send one set to the 10th poster and one set to the 11th poster....and posting twice doesn't count ;-) no internationals (sorry) - but Canada is ok.


  1. I hope I'm either the 10th or the 11th poster!


  2. Nice before and after pics! What a difference. I actually stitched a card this morning before work! You are is addicting once you hear the hum of the sewing machine and see the results. Thanks for the inspiration...

  3. i'm # 3! Just wanted to make the "ball" move a little bit! Enjoy your treats how ever wins!!! :)

  4. hmmm #4 shoot I really want some of that cute chipboard! :)

  5. I don't know what number I am...but that house is asking me to move in. LOL>>>Kara

  6. Ahhhhhh drats! Just passed up a bag of those light reflector things at an antique mall...thought they will cool...but balked at the price. That piece is awesome btw. LOVE the stitching.


  7. Bummer. I was hoping to be 10 or 11. Love your collage!!

  8. Bummer! I would have loved the little mitten book!


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