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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Monday, September 29

The hurricane that wasn't....and some Halloween Projects!

The hurricane that was headed for Maine missed us, and I'm pretty ok with that. We did get lots and lots of rain, enough to make a small ocean in our yard, but I'm still ok with that because we didn't loose electricity or even have any wind pretty much at all. I think the storm hit much further north than where we live. So yeah, thank you Mother Nature for sparing us.
I've been busy though. We hung out at home pretty much all day on Saturday, as a matter of fact - it was a pajama day. We played with all the new Lego's that arrived in the house recently, watched Nat. Geo. Channel and had a pretty great weekend. I crafted too. Coffee table crafting. LOVE it. I took my portable craft station (a Martha Stewart fabric covered storage box filled with papers, scissors, tapes and whatever I need in order to be mobile) and camped next to my boy. It was a great day of chit chat - Mother/Son bonding and just plain old relaxing. What else can you do when it's pouring out?? The Halloween papers I ordered from Lifetime Moments (love them, they have great customer service) arrived a couple days before and I was anxious to get to work using them. So, without further delay - here are the cards and ATC's I worked on...they aren't finished as they still have threads that need to be pulled to the back, tied in a knot and snipped away - and then mounted on a cardstock base with the gold thread - but you get the picture.
I just love Happy Howard, don't you?
Today after school the Little V and I went down to my Mom's garden to help her clean out all the deadness so my Dad can spread some lime and rototill it in before winter. Since we shared the garden space this year it's only right that I help clean it up. As was pulling out the tomato plants I found this little thing in the earth. A purple mushroom. I have never, ever seen any mushroom like this - and unfortunately my camera battery died before I got a picture I was happy with, but you get the picture. Weird, huh? I'll send an ATC from my last batch of them to the first person that can tell me what kind of mushroom this is, cause I have no idea!
Ta Ta for Now!


  1. I'd love to have one of your ATC's, but I honestly haven't the foggiest idea what kind of mushroom you have growing there! Pretty color, though!

  2. Ok, I have searched and had no idea there were so many types of mushrooms. Check out this link this may be it, I'm not for sure.

  3. First, glad the hurricane missed you. Second, I love your artwork. Third, Happy birthday to the boy and finally thanks for stopping by my blog. Good luck!

  4. Let me tell you, you have a beautiful unique scrapbook style and you should be proud of yourself. Everything i've seen on your blog is eye-candy, well done!!

  5. as usual, i LOVE the new atc's and other goodies that you just seem to 'throw together'. thanks for sharing sneak peeks!!

    okay!! i did some checking because in the midwest (early spring when you have cool nights but very warm days) we hunt for morel mushrooms. totally edible, totally delicious. from everything that i found this mushroom commonly called milky cap is NOT EDIBLE. it is from the family lactarius vinaceorufescens. there are several varieties but this is the main family name.

    have a great day!!

  6. Gorgeous ATCs Catherine...Love your style!!!


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