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Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Tuesday, May 29

when magic happens...

I love it when something I see amazes and inspires me. Sometimes it makes me crazy because I want to drop EVERYTHING and make what I see in my head a reality on paper and  when THAT happens there are usually days and days ahead of me before I can put the fire burning in my brain on paper.  that CAN be a good thing.

I only say that because this week, that has definitely been the case. magic happened in my studio. from nature to journal and then from journal to canvas. I think having a few days to percolate and mull things over definitely contributed to a well designed journal page and canvas, and a bit of magic!

yes, something magical and I can't wait to share -- but first I have to share with my students this week! 
I had about 2 or 3 days to work out the details of how I was going to tackle my mind's eye and put it on a piece of paper for you to see.  It came out perfectly -- exactly as I saw it -- exactly the way I saw it when I first was inspired driving down the road. Exactly what I wanted to drop everything for but couldn't.  

until the weekend came. This weekend has been magic turning that vision into a reality.

For me it's a weird thing, when I see something in nature -- flowers or whatever it is that inspires me -- I get a picture in my head of a painting, and then I snap a picture with my phone to make sure I don't forget the tiniest details. :-) and then I paint it.

For me Pinterest doesn't do it the way nature or life does. I really prefer to be inspired by something that no one else has done -- by something in my garden or from a photo I have taken. Don't get me wrong, I am inspired by the internet and occasionally from Pinterest (I use that pretty much for food, hair style and home decor ideas) but it feels so good to make something for myself from my own ideas and just from playing. it feels good to rely on my own ideas for my art.

Today I would love to know where you find inspiration -- nature, fabric, family or your own imagination?  THANKS for stopping by, hope you had a wonderful weekend and are ready for a busy but short week! 


  1. I'm inspired by patterns all around me...and nature. I wanna be MORE inspired by my own ideas too. I look forward to hearing all about your "magical" moment Catherine!

  2. Incredible! i can't wait to see the lesson and how your translated from picture to canvas!

  3. I am inspired by other craters, crocheters, and various artists on the internet, but I am also inspired by necessity.. I can't afford just to purchase every little thing I'd like to have; so oftentimes, I resort to my own two hands for making what I want or need, rather than pay someone else for it. And most often, I am much more happier with what I made myself, than anything I could have found on some store shelf!.. Have a great week! ~tina

  4. It varies. Sometimes its from something I see while out junking, sometimes something at the craft store. Just digging through my small stash of supplies will also make me think of something.

    Looking forward to seeing what you are up to.



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