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Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Thursday, May 24

Inspired, again!

Lately I've been inspired by a lot of old art, some I saw at the museum when we went a few weeks ago, others I've seen on the internet, and another piece that sticks in my mind most vividly is a piece I saw when I visited Brimflield.
While the tiny art piece I'm showing here (4" x 6") was definitely inspired by the pieces I'm referring to -- it by no means looks anything like them. It's the technique that I took the time to document in my head -- and the one that's been burning a fire in there -- reminding me how much I loved the art I've seen -- and also to change the designs -- to meet my style and colors.

I like the idea of starting a piece of art -- and adding or subtracting color to create something beautiful. In the class I am teaching at My Creative Classroom, Journal 2 Art -- I showed my students a technique I have happily dubbed "The Art of Subtraction", I've never heard anyone call this technique that -- so I'm claiming it as my own, :-) However I'm pretty sure other people are doing it -- they just don't have a cool name for it like me.
I searched and searched for what this is called, but came up empty. Anyhow, no matter. I love this look -- and how bright and vibrant my colors are when I paint on this crackly prepared surface.
Wowwee, it really does look fantastic -- even more so in person and as a whole piece not just little snippets snapped with my Hipstamatic for you to see.

Well, that's all for today -- it's ALMOST Friday and the beginning of a long weekend! Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Claim that name...THE ART OF SUBTRACTION! Love this sweet canvas ;)


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