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Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Monday, May 14

when the CAT's away...

I've been away -- playing. No art journal, no video production, no assignments. Just lots of photos, the company of a great friend -- and lots and lots and lots of antiques and other junk.
We went to the Brimfield Antique Show in Brimfield, Massachusetts for two days last week and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G to see all the sites we saw. To be inspired by the colors, shapes, textures, images - everything was a delight to the senses -- if you like junk that is. And the people watching was a fun opportunity too.
We were having so much fun we opted to have donuts for lunch on Friday so we wouldn't have to stand in line and wait -- that would take time out of our precious few hours left there. That being said -- they WERE the BEST donuts I have had in my entire life. Notice I didn't say donut -- I said donuts.

We met this cute Gladiator along the way, he didn't talk much and didn't have much of a personality either. 
Lots of patterns, color and beautiful design elements that I fell in love with!
I also fell in love with this HUGE S that I plan on putting on the side of my garden shed. It was also fun taking a picture holding it up in front of that huge mirror -- it must have been 10 feet tall and 7 feet wide. It was gorgeous!
We made many trips back to the car to unload our goodies -- we even found one of these sweet carts abandoned in a field.

I think I take a picture of these fun waving hands every year -- they crack me up. I haven't bought one yet -- maybe next time. Speaking of time, this clock was amazing!
I also loved these pretty flowers, not sure what they are -- but love them and will be SKETCHING them soon enough!

I also saw these beautiful fox gloves on Mother's Day -- one of my many favorite flowers ;-) 

As you can see, I've gotten a lot of inspiration from my few days away of renewing and recharging my creative engine -- now I just need to find the time to make some pretty art from all that!  

Thanks for stopping by -- hope you have a WONDERFUL week and are inspired by something out of the ordinary  you see this week! 


  1. I may have to hit Brimfield next year...TFS!

  2. looks like a tonne of inspiration, and a tonne of fun!

  3. Looks like great fun! That "S" is just about bigger than your!


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