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Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Friday, May 4

oh my Bleeding Heart, Part Trois

I have a few favorite perennials in my garden -- ones that I lovingly tend to each year. The Bleeding Heart, while it's not the MOST favorite -- it is in the top 5. This year, my Bleeding Heart has bloomed REALLY early, which doesn't surprise me due to the warm weather we have had, but I did cover it over the weekend as the temps dipped down below freezing. As I was taking the blanket off, one of the delicate flowers fell off. 
It reminds me of a funky hair-do. 
I couldn't just throw it away without photographing it -- the colors are so lovely. I also wanted to use it for inspiration in my journal. I love the way it came out -- and if you knew how I did this I think you might be surprised ;-)

The  other plants in this photo were inspired by a Hosta leaf and a Valerian leaf. Today I encourage you to get close to things in your world -- and photograph them to sketch or use in your art when you have a few minutes.
In case you are wondering, my number one absolute no doubt about  it favorite plants in my garden are the peonies that were in my grandmother's garden. When her house was torn down the roots of the white and maroon plants were dug up and my Mother gave them to ME. She is pretty sure they are the same roots that were in her Grandmother's Garden. They are very vintage plants and I'm pretty possessive and WAY in love with them. 
THANK you so much for stopping by -- have a great weekend!  
PS. Out of the Journal and onto the Art STARTS today over at My Creative Classroom -- hope to see you there!


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