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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Friday, May 18


There are times when you do something, no matter what it is -- and the final result bugs you. Well, maybe this doesn't happen to you, but it happens to me all the time. When I cook, when I write, teach, but it happens the most in my art -- but also a lot in whatever I do. 

I can't let it be.
I think this is because I know I can do it better.
it bothers me. 
it walks around with me all day, nagging at me.
no matter what I'm doing, it is right there.

I am not sure if this is a fault, but I do know that is a part of who I am. I find myself analyzing and dissecting things, I like to think it comes from the part of me that wants to understand all things and do what I do -- and do it well. To always put my best foot forward.  Analyzing things though, isn't always the healthiest and best way -- but it does help me make educated decisions -- and move forward to clean the debris, clutter and unhealthy people things from my life.

Keeping that in mind, remember where I was with the Second Floor Challenge yesterday. It bothered me. During an appointment, during work -- during video editing. To the point that it drove me CRAZY. And then it finally dawned on me -- and I couldn't do any other work until I got this done.

I spent about 9 minutes and 32 seconds fixing it. 

Now it doesn't bother me anymore. 

While I am still considering this a study for a larger piece of work -- I definitely will be giving this some space on my wall. Or maybe I will give it as a special birthday gift. Whatever I do with it, it will never bug me again.  

What do you do when something nags you and you can't let it go? Do you resolve the issue, let it be and think you can't resolve it -- or do you fix it so you can put if away and move on to the next "it"? I would love to know!

I realized -- that this is POST NUMBER 749. That means that the next post is a pretty monumental one for me -- so I will be offering a little give-away. Not sure if I will post that tomorrow or Monday -- but stay tuned -- I found some sweet little collages I made a while back when cleaning out my studio today that I thought you might like! 

Till next time, thanks for stopping by enjoy your beautiful day! 

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  1. Oh I thought it must just be me that has these huge great NIGGLES that won't let go. You have sorted yours fantastically - I never seem to sort mine!

    I just love these personal glimpses Catherine - you are very brave sharing them - but it makes me, at least, realise I am not the only person who goes through these things!

    Have a lovely weekend - niggle free!


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