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Friday, March 2

Vessel Sinks and MORE!

I am a blog slacker, sorry for the 4 of you that regularly read...LOL. Joe and I finally had time to go to Lowe's together and pick out some things that needed pickin'. The vessel sink shown above is what we chose for the masterbathroom - twin sinks at that with a brushed nickel faucet like what's shown. Can't wait to actually WASH my face in my OWN bathroom. I'm getting anxious now. More like antsy. Or frustrated 'cause I need something that's in storage. Or just plain old tired of being an inconvenience where we are. Maybe all of it. I've picked out colors but still need to get paint, got the hardwood flooring and refrigerator - but they are waiting at the store for us to be ready for delivery.... patience is not my virtue. But, that's ok... 'cause I can learn....


  1. yeahhh - I love this - that is such a great vessel sink! I wish one for myself! Can I visit you - LOL!

  2. OH I WANT ONE TOOOOO!!! I love this sink! I forgive you for not posting for a couple of days, but glad to have sumpth'n to read today! lol


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