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Monday, February 26

A Joy Forever

A thing of beauty is a Joy fitting for this little bouquet of Grape Hyacinths destined for the garbage along with the rest of the Garnet Hill catalog. I have been wanting to start an art journal - using magazine pages and doing fun things like this to each page. I am so happy with the way this turned out, though it's pretty FAR from the post I put up on Friday. It took many revolutions - many coats to cover what is hidden beneath....but I can honestly say I am satisfied. I think I might put it in my Etsy shop - if I can bear to part with it that is!! TTFN. BTW, have you done your 2006 taxes yet? Ours are done, and I am happy to say I made a BUNCH more profit than I did last year!


  1. WOOOWWW - those colors are amazing- and what happened to the background? special techniques here? Love love love this!!!

  2. ME O MY O ... YOU knock my socks off girl! AMAZING!!!!


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