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Tuesday, March 6

Questions and Answers..

I got this really nice email/Private Message from Christine (pugbug) at ScrapMuse that she was having some problems with her sewing machine and Sewing on Paper and thought I would share my tips with you all in case you are having some Sewing on Paper problems!

I do use a sewing machine - Quilting is another hobby of mine - So i know about them a little - But the sewing on Paper thing - Some of my stitches don't catch and just make holes.. I love the way sewing on paper looks - If i can get it figured out - I am sure to do it ALL the time! Thanks for your time Christine

If you are having the same problem she is, check these things on your machine:

  • Have you tried adjusting the tension? If the tension is set too tight it will skip threads like that. I have noticed that when I switch to fabric (which HARDLY ever happens) I have to change the tension because it's to set too tight for the fabric....I really think this may be your problem, but if not - read on!
  • What are you using for a stitch length? I usually have mine set between 2 and 3 - but closer to 3 depending on what I am doing. If the stitches are too close together (small) that might cause the hole problem. If the stitches are to close together they pierce the paper and make holes - and if you are stitching a shape it will pierce the entire shape out of the paper.
  • Do you machine quilt? Are the feed dogs covered ? The paper needs the feed dogs to pull it through.
  • What kind of machine are you using? I taught a class a couple of weeks ago where the ladies used the Janome SewMini and Sew something or other and they had a very hard time making the stitches look nice because the machines offer only basic stitches with no length or width adjustments.
  • I know that this is probably a dumb question, but try putting in a new needle, like a size 14 for heavier fabrics like denim, make sure the needle is going in the right way - there's a flat side to the needle that needs to be in the correct position.
  • I know that this is another dumb question, and please don't get offended, but did you know that there is a right way and a wrong way to put the bobbin in the bobbin case? (I didn't know that for a LONG time...not until I got my new machine and READ the instructions that came with it...)

Thanks Christine for the great question! Anyone else have any Sewing on Paper questions that need answers?


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