Creative Jumpstart 2021

Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Wednesday, March 21

Houston, We have Color!!

Ok, so Arizona - here we come. The kitchen is completely painted, in a color that looks just like Bazzill Arizona color. Love it. It's a very lovely comfortable kitchen color. And, it looks great with the countertops - which kinda look like granite with pinky salmony flecks. Can't wait to cook in it {well, the first night anyway :-) } I also thought my husband did a very NICE job taking that photo of me with his new camera. Since his other camera took such a beating {and, yup you guesssed it - it's mine now.....) he picked up a new one on sale at Staples last weekend. It takes nice pictures, and the lighting is nice. I do like it. I think that's the BEST picture of me he's ever taken. I'm thinking that I look somewhat like a wild-mountain woman with all that gray crazy freaky hair. I think a haircut is in the near future for me - and a short one at that. I think this is the longest my hair has been in - oh - at least 9 years!
The other is a self portrait. I like his picture better!

This green room is the masterbath and what you are looking at is the place where the 2 vessel sinks will go. Oh, how I long for my own house.

A quick update - I sent off my 450 scrapbook pages to Danielle at EK Success. I am very happy to be done with this project - I have been so bombarded with stuff, things I thought would be spread out and come one right after the other came ALL at once. Tomorrow I will spend the day finishing up my class sample for the Absolutely Everything Class in Topsfield, MA on March 31. I am also teaching at Scrapbooks and Beyond in April and May. One a sewing class and the other a fun calendar canvas. I really like teaching people how to make stuff!

Well, gotta run. I am tired and fighting off a cold - and that beer I just finished is causing me not to type very well! Nighty night folks.


  1. Oh... LOVE the colors you chose! I had no doubt with you artists eye... it would be beautiful! I'm so excited for you to get things done and get in to your beautiful new home! Great shot too!

    Mountain woman? Beer? what's going on over there? lol

  2. so love this colors you chose - everything comes so awesomely together! Mountain woman - bahahaha - Hope you are not driking Bigfoot IPA ;-)


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