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Merrymeeting Art House, my on-line classroom!
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Saturday, March 3

Creative Tornado Spillage ...

I have a theory about the creative universe, I'm not sure how accurate it is, but my theory explains things - at least so I understand them, ha. Before I start, I'll give you a little history on how I came up with the Creative Tornado Theory, {CTT for short} . Whenever my BIG Valentine and I play Scrabble {which is never these days} I can't think about the place I want to put my word because he always - and I mean ALWAYS takes my place and I have to spend another eon finding a home for my word. So, the only way I can preserve my spot on the board is to NOT think about it. Works everytime! by thinking about it, I am putting my spot out there - in my Scrabble Tornado {ha ha ha} and he sensed it. Knew it. He plucked my spot right out of the Tornado above my head.... and used it....ha ha ha. So, on to the CTT.... imagine all of us creative souls walking around with a tornado of ideas flying around in a massive tornado above their head. Every idea we have - is stored in the Tornado until it's finally retrieved to be used in a masterpiece - sometimes {at least for me} that idea is kinda in limbo for years - just floating around kinda happy like waiting and waiting to be put to good use. But, they are most always put to good use. But, what if all these Creative Tornados touch - up there in a sort of Creative Universe of Tornados, with a little's possible, isn't it?? What if someone else has the same pretty much - exact idea - I mean, it's out there in the CU - and just kinda morphed it's way on over to someone else's CT. Possible?? I think it's highly possible. For example, there is a well known artist that I admire. She has been around since before I've been around. I have had several opportunities to talk with her, work with her - and see her stuff up close and personal. She's a very creative individual - also very kind and thoughtful. So, imagine on a Tuesday I am asked to do a make and take at my Local Shop. On Wednesday I come up with a sketch for the little project we are going to do and drop it by the shop to see if she's on board. She is. I procure the products necessary for the make and take and go on my merry way, thinking about my little project. Putting it in my Creative Tornado. Fast forward to Friday, where I am blog-hopping on my daily blog list and come to her wonderful and inspirational blog - and there is the same basic idea. We live thousands of miles apart. Are enfluenced by entirely different things. We don't talk on the phone. My local shop does not talk to her on the phone. How could this be? I did not know of her idea and she did not know of my idea. We had the same one. I directed my Local Shop to check out her idea and she agreed - it has to be Creative Tornado Spillage.... If it's not the Creative Tornado Spillage please, explain it to me. So, same artist, same blog. I am researching a pattern for this cute little thing I saw around blog world....for the last two or three weeks. Been in my head. Been wanting to do it. Been putting it in my CT. And, I check out her blog - and there - she's done what I've been thinking about. Again, if it's not the Creative Tornado Spillage please, someone - explain it to me.


  1. Interesting!!! I dont know exactly what it is... but I agree... there's something! i have had this same situation a number of times. It makes you go... Hmmmmm???? doesnt it?
    You have my curiousity up now!

  2. I had this too - really!!!! We should investigate!!!


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