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Merrymeeting Art House, my on-line classroom!
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Monday, March 26

It was a Weiner Weekend in Mass.

We had a great time {as usual} in Massachusetts with my cousin and her family. We always have a great time - whether we go there or she comes here. She's a TON of fun....and she has lovely daughters - and two weiner dogs that I just love to take pictures of! Speaking of the weiners, Spencer and Fenway Frank - here are two of the best that I took over the weekend of Spencer with J. and Fenway Frank wearing the bow on his head with L'ster. {we were there for J's baby shower.....} Spencer is soon to be famous as he'll be up on the AC Moore headers to demonstrate the Jolee's By You product line for EK Success.
The other adorable picture is my little Valentine {aka My Little V} was very funny to wake up in the morning at their house to his giggles - and the weiners licking his face. He was totally in heaven.... It was most especially funny when he shouted out "the weiners are standing on my weiner......" aaaaah, the pleasures of having a boy in the house!!

On the house front, my big Valentine {aka The Big V} and my Dad got the hardwood floors installed in the kitchen, living and dining rooms....and they are lovely. Just lovely. Can't wait to see how the it looks when the entire first floor of the house is done.....they only have my Studio and the entry way hall left to do. The Big V is hoping to finish your thumbs together for that.....LOL, I just had to do it Nat!

Anyhoo, have a great day everyone...


  1. bahahaha- I press my thumbs together too . LOL!!! HUge hugs!

  2. You know , I'll be pressing my thumbs!!! Cute Pics Cat... glad you had a great time!

  3. Oh Cat what fun photos and sounds like a great weekend. I am also pressing my thumbs!!!


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