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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Saturday, February 24

Saturday and I'm cooking Giada Style!

I love to watch Food TV - I love to cook too - but watching someone else do it is so much better.....just kidding! Tonight I am making a Lasagna Rolitini recipe from Giada (I alway tell my little guy I am watching Gallardia - ha ha ha....the joke is lost on a 7 year old!). She doesn't call it Rolitini - but it's lasagna - and it's rolled up - so that's what I'm calling it. I will most likely adapt the recipe and make it ALL mine - but the base came from her. She's so cute and perky - I do love watching her.
In other news, I found these awesome New Home cards for my Mom to send out for our Open House, ha ha Mom. They were on sale at Target {make sure to pronouce it tarjet - and put a french spin on it....your friends will be confused and impressed with your foreign language skills. . . . LOL.} Of course, if the people at LandMark homes don't get on the ball we'll never be having an Open House - let alone any house for that matter! They really score a big FAT ZERO in the customer service department. It's a good thing I am happy with the house so far.
I decided to get the cards from Tarjet for two reasons - they were cheap AND we had a JP wedding with just my immediate family and the pigs on the farm.... {ha ha long story} and since we had no reception - that we ARE having an Open House for our friends and family if and when we ever get our home and stuff out of storage and moved in.... I miss my stuff! I want my own ROOM!
Anywho, gotta run - it's rolitini time...
I meant to post these pictures yesterday but something happened and Blog Spot wasn't happy...

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  1. I bet when you get that rock'n cool new stove in your'll really be cooking up a storm!


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